Firering is a collective project of forward-minded music and visual artists, who are passionate about DIY approach. We release experimental music on found re-recored tapes. Each tape is re-recorded, painted and packed in Moscow individually, and comes with a folding booklet/poster in plastic box, which was made from the plastic soda bottle.
Hundreds of microscopic elements, woven into continuous structures with a deep kick on top. Endless patterns, where out-of-order harmonies went so far away, but at the same time are still here. Minimalism on the border with sensuous psychedelic experiments. Exploring the possibilities of his imagination, Wnimanie – name of the project is transliterated from Russian word “attention” – creates futuristic compositions during his late-night jams; he gets into trance with modern sides of industrial techno in “First Take” and “Microtriplet Change”, and goes deep with sparkling sequences and acoustic experiments in “Locura Harmonica”, “Violin Jam” and title track, “Eindringlinge”.