With participation of Amnfx (A1), Randomizer (A2), El Naujoks (A3), Alex Tsyganow (B1), Timo Bolkart (B2) . Music by Wnimanie . Artwork and Graphics by Emma Volodchinskaya . Video by VAJ Power . Website by Medeina Musteikyte and Dirk Verweij . Mixed and Mastered by Amnfx |
The transforming booklet/poster, which comes together with the tape, was made by London-based graphic artist Emma Volodchinskaya. It contains five graphic scores for the tracks on Eindringlinge EP. A graphic score is the visual representation of experimental music through the use of symbols and illustrations, which purpose is to convey information to the performer or to the listener about the way the music is to be performed/listened.

The forward-thinking website for the Eindringlinge EP, made by Amsterdam-based artists Medeina Musteikyte and Dirk Verweij, translates the folding idea of the poster to the web format. The idea of frames comes from old web technology, which has been restructured into the futuristic concept.

The video announcement for the release was made by VAJ.Power, a Glasgow-based collective comprised of two women who explore the role of interactive technology, sound and audio-reactive video synthesis in live contexts and how it can be channeled towards more positive application today; bringing people together, challenging representation of body politic and female presence in digital faculties. With using of the opening track “First Take”, they made an intriguing and very powerful clip, which tells the release story to the audience.